Stella McCartney’s Pre-Fall 2021 Collection Is Its Most Sustainable To Date

“This effort is key to my life’s mission of bringing conscience to the fashion industry.”

All the fashion aficionados out there will know that Stella McCartney is one of those brands that’s known for upholding its ethos of sustainable and humane design. Founded by one of the industry’s leading female designers who just so happens to be a lifelong vegetarian, the label has become known for its conscious manufacturing and low-waste production practices. Earlier this year, the brand has launched a collection of sustainable garments made from Mylo mycelium leather (though one must note that the experiments have since been halted in efforts to use cotton and wool sourced from regenerative farms instead.) For Pre-Fall 2021, Stella McCartney has taken advocating for animal rights, supporting Humane Society International’s (HSI) campaign that petitions to end the cruel fur trade both in the United Kingdom and globally.

“While this campaign is light-hearted, I wanted to address a serious issue: ending the use of fur,” McCartney said in a statement. “Whether it is being sold here in the United Kingdom or farmed globally, barbarism knows no borders and this effort is key to my life’s mission of bringing conscience to the fashion industry.”

The new campaign dubbed Our Time Has Come projects a stylish fantasy of animals rewilding London living freely and taking their places amongst humans whilst wearing sustainable luxury pieces embodying J is for Joy from the McCartney A to Z Manifesto. The project also includes a tongue-in-cheek documentary component, narrated by British comedian David Walliams to offer a playful, humorous take on the very serious and pressing issue facing our world today: “Creatures of different classifications — birds, bears, humans — are all treated the same. […] They progress forward in unison, birds of a feather flocking together.” To go along with the revisionist campaign, the brand (which has not used leather, feathers, fur, or skins in any of its products since it launched in 2001) is asking the audience to sign Humane Society Global’s Stop Deadly Fur petition that calls on all countries to ban fur farming, highlighting the trade’s danger to both human and animal lives during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As far as garments go, the Pre-Fall 2021 collection was largely informed by performance wear archetypes that were then enriched with softness, sensuality and fluidity. The range includes recognizable vegan bags like the iconic Falabella (exaggerated as an oversized maxi edition this time around), as well as new styles like the Frayme. Mae with 80% eco-friendly materials, this collection mars the British fashion house’s most sustainable project to date.

Keep scrolling to watch the witty campaign video, directed by Mert & Marcus, below. Then, consider checking out Chloé’s dreamy Spring 2022 range for some additional consciously-made designer fare.

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