Today is a New Moon: What does this mean for you?

Today is a New Moon: What does this mean for you?


Today is a New Moon: What does this mean for you?

Drawn on cosmic energies as the moon moves into Pisces

Drawn on cosmic energies as the moon moves into Pisces

Text: Ayesha Le Breton

New Moons always indicate an opportunity for refresh, renewal, and rebirth.  This New Moon will fall in water sign Pisces, on Saturday March 13 at 5:21am ET, while the Sun will also be in this sign when the Moon makes it's shift, we'll get a double dose of Pisces energy. This lunar event promises to be tender, sentimental and compassionate.

Expected to set the mood for the next six months, this month's new moon will bring emotional abundance your way. It coincides with the exact day of the Venus-Neptune conjunction, which is, according to astrologers, one of the most positive combinations for love and romance, as well as overall creativity. This will inspire us all to take a leap of faith in love and delve deep into the depths of our emotions.

Pisces is a water sign, so this New Moon is going to push you to listen to your raw, sensitive emotions and wade your way through the turmoil to a budding beginnings. Within that vein, it also invites the opportunity to end something, a sure way to make way for new beginnings. The moon presents growth, so it can open our hearts to the idea of purging something that no longer benefits us. Venus being in her sign of exultation, Pisces, makes the energy ideal for manifesting great things in our lives.

Whether you've made it to astrology TikTok, or you're getting schooled by Gen-Zers, you may have come across manifesting. Manifesting is an ongoing process of creation that helps define the fundamental energy of the universe. Everything needs a structure through which to manifest, crystals absorb, hold and radiate energy and, have been used as part of the manifesting process for thousands of years.

Every crystal has its a unique power, which can be harnessed to manifest your deepest desires. If you feel so inclined, one of the New Moon in Pisces ritual asks you to place an amethyst and clear quarts next to you. Amethyst invited spirituality and protection, while clear quartz will help in healing and concentration. Both crystals are to said help mellow out the cosmic energies at play. Also, they should allow us to release negativity, cleanse the auric field, and draw in positive vibes.

Clear quartz

Meanwhile, meditate on your vision, dive deep into your innermost dream, start a rhythm by clapping your hands and say your desires and intentions out loud. You can do this faster and faster for about a minute, to ensure that you are in sync with the universe and manifest your visions into reality.



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