Weekend Survival Kit: When Going Out Isn’t An Option

Have an enjoyable weekend at home.

The weekend is slowly approaching after the first nation-wide week of social distancing. Typically Saturdays and Sundays are days to look forward to, however, self-isolation is beginning to blur the week together. It is important to stay hopeful and for those that need an extra dose of hope, V got you covered. Here is V’s “Weekend Survival Kit” for when going out isn’t an option. Enjoy your physical distancing but social connection this weekend, down below.

Youtube Make-Up Tutorial 

Instead of watching makeup videos on Youtube, try following along with one! Practice looks you hope to showcase for spring and summer from your favorite beauty gurus. By the end of the COVID-19 quarantine, you should be a pro!

Facetime Date 

For those who may have long-distant boos or self-quarantined baes, how about scheduling a FaceTime date? One partner can commit to sending money via Cash App or Venmo to treat the other to a bottle of wine. Schedule a time that works for both of you and enjoy a virtual evening. Prepare funny questions to ask each other and try to get your mind off the stress from the outside world.

Google Hangout Happy Hour

Missing your favorite happy hour deals and crew? Have a happy hour with the little-to-no cost at home, via Google Hangout. Coordinate with your squad to grab their favorite drink and head to your closest virtual bar.

Netflix Party 

Visit the movie theater with friends, using Netflix’s new party feature. With chrome’s extension, link up with friends and host long-distance movie parties from the comfort of your own home. Pick a genre for the weekend and binge-watch all correlating movies. Have a show you have been dying to put your friends onto? Now it is your time!

Paint and Sip

If you are in need of a creative outlet, consider hosting a paint and sip night. This is the perfect activity to do over FaceTime with friends, with those in your household, or alone. Pick a painting everyone would like to recreate and see who successfully achieves that goal — while sipping on your favorite wine.

Game Night

Bring laughter to your self-isolation period by participating in a game night. Whether it be cards, board games, gaming systems, or I-message games. Get competitive and reward a prize for the winner!


Test out your in-shower performance on a crowd, with a playful karaoke session. Stream lyric videos on the TV and put on your best performance. Take it a step further and create a music video or mimic a dance on Tik Tok. Several artists are reposting their favorite videos that utilize their songs, such as Megan Thee Stallion.

Online Shopping

Drive to your local online mall where the access to stores is unlimited! With a diverse product offering, discover your new favorite brand or window shop on different websites. If possible, support small business who might be suffering due to the current economic climate.

Liquor Tasting

Expand your taste palette with your at-home liquor tasting! Stock up on small quantities of different wine and liquor you have been wanting to try. Create new cocktails so you will be ready to order on your next trip to an actual bar!

DIY Hair Salon

The weekends are for pampering and while many of us can’t make it to the salon right now, enjoy a DIY hair salon. Share homemade hair masks and Instagram tutorials with friends.

Cooking Class

Grab your favorite cookbook and apron for a fun at-home cooking class. Whether there is a recipe you have been wanting to try or a collection of ingredients you need to use up in the fridge, a cooking class is the perfect weekend festivity.

Quarantine Playlist

In stressful times, it is good to find ways to express yourself — music can be the perfect outlet. With your extra free time, draft up a new quarantine playlist you can play when you might be feeling down. Include songs that are sure to change your mood, use Virgil’s Abloh Lockdown playlist for inspiration.

Listening Party 

If you are missing the vibes created by the ambiance of parties, throw a listening party. With plenty of new music out there to binge-listen, ask friends to join in on the fun. Exchange your favorite artists or songs you think are hits and discuss whether they live up to the hype.

Attend an Instagram Live Show

While Broadway and comedy shows are on pause, attend an Instagram Live Show. Many celebrities and comedians are heading to Instagram live to bring light into people’s day. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are hosting a new concert series called, “Together at Home.Charli XCX is featuring guest celebrities on her very own Instagram live. Find your new favorite Instagramer and participate by asking questions or requesting to join!


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