Beachwear Meets Nightlife in GCDS’s Spring-Summer 2022 “Island Appropriate” Summer Collection

The streetwear fashion brand’s newest collection juxtaposed the casual with the bold.

GCDS’s Spring-Summer 2022 “Island Appropriate” collection debuted on Sept. 23 through a digital runway livestream video for Milan Fashion Week. Appearing pre-recorded and edited, the extremely artistic show was a little over 10 minutes long, showcasing the unique stylings of the streetwear fashion brand’s newest clothing.

Overall, the collection had a unique vibe and take on modern fashion while pulling from some of the most iconic past fashion decades, the 70s, the 80s, and the 90s. There were garments for all genders, from dresses, to blazers, to shirts, to sweaters, to bathing suits, and more. Every single piece was bold in a different way, whether it was decked out with sequins, or striped with every color of the rainbow. GCDS didn’t shy away from experimental fashion either, with several pieces channeling more exotic fashion flavors, such as the jewel-studded bra spelling “GCDS” with a matching thong peering out of light-washed jeans.

Starting at the beginning, GCDS showcased the more understated looks of the collection, like the shirtless male model with chains hung from his neck and chest, in a straw “GCDS” hat with jeans. Other looks for men included the sheer aqua shirt with white bathing suit speedo bottoms and a matching navy bucket hat and purse and the simple open white collared shirt with a crab design and a low V neck, paired with white trousers. Some understated women’s looks included the gray and white patterned camisole top and matching bathing suit bottoms, the white camisole dress with a small slit on the leg, and the collared shirt with the cream vest that read “GCDS wear” in blue, with prints of the sun and flowers, worn with white striped shorts. There was also a stunning bright yellow bikini suit, complete with a yellow cape that hung from the hat, yellow heels, and a yellow purse.

After the beachwear came some more formal pieces, including the blue men’s blazer that looked custom-printed with a depiction of an ocean scene on the back, the white leather jacket with tasseled beads hanging from the bottom, paired with a white and green skirt, the 70s-looking snakeskin-patterned suit, and the animal print and sequined halter top and baggy pants set that Cher herself would wear.

Halfway through the video, there was a transition into the final, more exotic pieces, like the caped, striped sweater shirt with a clip and studded denim capri shorts, the striped green, red, and black dress that was labeled “GCDS,” the pink patterned denim jacket and pants, complete with a high-coverage hat, and the sparkly sequined suits.

Overall, the collection aimed to appeal to two different worlds, of daytime beachwear and sultry nighttime club fashion, and it was highly successful. GCDS’s Spring-Summer 2022 collection truly looks like no other—check out the show below.

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