Burberry Unveils Dynamic Autumn/Winter 2021 Campaign

The campaign combines traditional studio shots with candid behind-the-scenes images.

Burberry has just unveiled its Autumn/Winter 2021 campaign and it’s all about duality. The campaign celebrates the season’s examination into fluidity and individuality, with traditional studio shots of the models juxtaposed with candid backstage scenes, giving it a fittingly dynamic mood.

The studio stills were photographed by Mert and Marcus, while Chris Rhodes captured behind-the-scenes moments at the Autumn/Winter 2021 presentations. The contrast between the two settings provides an unusual insight into the various ways the pieces can be perceived: on one side, close-ups that highlight textures and details, while the other presents a more polished, detached overview.

Photos by Chris Rhodes/Mert & Marcus. Courtesy of Burberry.

Models for the campaign include Chai Maximus, Felice Noordhoff, Finn Rosseel, Karo Laczkowska, Kayako Higuchi, Khalil Ghani, Mariacarla Boscono, Mona Tougaard, Nic Minwoo, Nozomu Ito, Rianne von Rompaey, Sita Zampou, and Yilan Hua. The accompanying video, also directed by Mert and Marcus, sees the cast performing various activities, like playing with tambourines, dancing, and brushing their hair to an electronic soundtrack combined with nature sounds. 

Burberry’s Autumn/Winter 2021 collections tap into the narrative of modern femininity and masculinity while also honoring Mother Nature and widespread British movements of the early 20th century. 

Photos by Chris Rhodes/Mert & Marcus. Courtesy of Burberry.

Titled “Femininity,” the womenswear set brings a different vision on the theme, playing with sharper, androgynous silhouettes that are presented next to more delicate shapes and asymmetrical cuts. British tailoring classics are reimagined as a “modern armor” while other pieces mark a return to the label’s “animal kingdom” code, solid, metallic textures contrasting with fluffy faux furs. 

The recurring freedom theme is also translated into colorful fluttering cape-sleeve dresses and fluid unlined outerwear, giving the impression that the wearer is about to float with the wind. Other pieces feature beige and yellow patterns inspired by the British flag, applied to silk satin and tulle skirts. 

Photos by Chris Rhodes/Mert & Marcus. Courtesy of Burberry.

The lineup’s Olympia bag collection features updated versions of the style, including the Olympia scarf tote and clutch, and the Flagbag, a new soft tote in paillette-adorned silk and smooth lambskin, takes inspiration from the set’s main fluidity theme. 

The menswear collection is titled “Escapes,” and was also inspired by challenging and reinventing traditions and allowing freedom of expression. The main focus is outerwear, with pieces crafted to convey motion and activity with details like pleats, panels, and fringes. Tailoring brings classic elements to the modern world, with a renewed take on Burberry’s signature trench coat and beige hue.

Photos by Chris Rhodes/Mert & Marcus. Courtesy of Burberry.

“This season is very much about freedom of expression and the importance of exploring creativity,” Burberry’s chief creative officer Riccardo Tisci said in a press statement. “And so, for the campaign, I really wanted to build on these notions and have the collection captured from two different creative perspectives.”

Watch Burberry’s Autumn/Winter 2021 campaign video below: 

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