Carolina Herrera Unveils Warm Colored Dresses in Spring Summer 2022 Collection

Elegantly feminine, Herrera has done it again

Carolina Herrera puts the “class” in “classic.” Her Spring Summer 2022 collection, directed by Wes Gordon, featured all types of womenswear in both a series of black and white dresses and tops and bottoms, as well as colorful dresses and blazers.

Herrera knows where her strengths lie, designing this collection to consist mostly of warm tones, when venturing into colors. She knows exactly how to evoke the energy and welcoming tone of the spring: by choosing a palette of pinks, reds, yellows, and oranges that will literally brighten your day. Additionally, most of her designs are dresses, upscale womenswear that can be worn both in the office and on the fanciest nights out.

To start the show, the black and white series was showcased first. Standouts among these were a dress with a striped skirt, the black blazer-pantsuit combo with ruffled sleeves, the white floor-length ballgown with black polka dots, the little black dress with puffy sleeves and a white bow at the front, and the white skirt-blazer combination with puffy sleeves. Seemingly, Herrera took inspiration from the 90s for that one.

Next up, she presented the colorful portion of her new designs. Crowd favorites seemed to be the black off-the-shoulder polka dot dress with yellow flowers, the white off-the-shoulder polka dot dress with red flowers, the floor-length red dress with white polka dots and a black bow tied in the front, the sleeveless blue flower slip dress, and the orange two-piece fit with a flower-adorned crop top and a ballgown skirt.

The business casual portion of her Spring Summer 2022 designs include a red thigh-length dress with a giant gold circle ornament in the front, a button-down dress with puffy sleeves and the same gold ornament, the plaid blazer and skirt sets in pink and red and black and white, and the pink blazer-skirt combo that looks like it’s right out of Legally Blonde.

Of course, we would be remiss if we didn’t include the final designs, Herrera’s ballgown collection. The gowns mostly came in pink, red, and black, including the red gown with a sheer layered skirt, the two-tone pink gown with two skirt layers, a slimmer one with a bigger gown in back, the multicolored pink and navy gown, several black high-low gowns, and the pink high-low gown with a puffy top and sleeves.

Herrera dove right into the feminine and classy side of spring and summer with this collection, and we couldn’t love it more.


View the full show below: 

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