Euphoria Fan Recreates Iconic Scenes with Barbies

World, meet @euphoriaaddicted, the person behind your favorite Euphoria stan account


Complex narratives, viral beauty trends, a sickening mix of archival vintage fashion, and emerging designers, it’s impossible not to be obsessed with Euphoria. Season 2 is well over halfway into its run, and just like the first it has delivered some major fashion moments, and given us an abundance of outfit inspo. Beauty bloggers, style lovers, and influences have been recreating looks on socials since the show’s 2019 debut, but one Euphoria fan is taking it to the next level. The anonymous Instagram account @euphoriaddicted has recreated iconic scenes from the show using Barbies.

We caught up with the secret creative to discuss all things Euphoria, his creative process, and what he thinks will happen to Cassie.

VMAGAZINE: What do you love most about Euphoria?

Euphoria Addict: The characters are amazing! I love them all, the casting is superb. I really love the sets, the locations. It’s the show’s aesthetic that I really fell in love with.

V: Who are your favorite characters?

EA: I will always love Jules, because I think Hunter Schafer’s portrayal is so good. But Right now I really love Cassie and Maddy, the storyline with Nate is so good. and I think both actresses do such a great job.

V: When and why did you start doing this?

EA: I started in the fall of 2019 during the first season. I had an Insta account where I recreated pop culture moments but I really wanted to stay in one universe. I thought that the dark but beautiful universe of Euphoria was such a great universe to explore especailly with something so light as Barbies.

V: Tell us about your creative process?

EA: I watch the episodes, and I just try to focus on the story lines but at the same time, I think about how I can recreate these scenes with dolls. Like how am I going to make the sinks in the school bathroom (with lids from poster rolls) or make patio lights (with a bottle and deodorant cap). I love to think about how I am going to make all of this stuff.

V: How long does it take for you to recreate a scene? Do you make all of the clothes, sets, and the tiny furniture yourself?

EA: I make everything from scratch. Sometimes I might use real Barbie clothes but I often sew the outfits from Scratch. The furniture I buy is used or from flea markets. I want that old ’80-’90s look and not the plastic stuff that’s sold today. It was more real back then.

V: What scene was the most fun to recreate?

EA: I loved the dancing scene at the gay bar in the ’90s with Young Cal and Derek. That scene broke my heart. As a gay guy, it was so relatable. So beautiful. I also loved the scene at the Howard house with Cassie spiraling. The puking in the jacuzzi was TV gold, and great to recreate.

V: I feel the same, both were so good, great TV. Have any of the cast reached out to you, or seen your work?

EA: Some, like Dominik Fike, Eric Dane, Javon Wanna Walton, Paula Marshall, Henry Eikenberry and Alannah Ubach have either written to me or reposted. And I know Barbie Ferreira, Maude Apatow and Sydney Sweeney have seen some stuff. All of this makes me really proud. But I have had more contact with the people behind the scenes, like creator Sam Levinson, costume designers Heidi Bivens, and Angelina Vitto, also Art Director Alyssa Hill. They appreciate my work which makes me so happy and proud.

V: What did costume designer Heidi Bivens say?

EA: She reposted my work on Instagram and wrote, ‘always impressed by your attention to detail. My favorite Euphoria fan account.’

V: That’s so cool.

EA: … I mean.

V: What have been your favorite fashion moments from the show?

EA: The scene where people think that Cassie is auditioning for Oklahoma. Epic! And I loved her dress! But everything Jules wears is so cool, and I love that the costume designers have abandoned the thing with affordable clothing and now go designer crazy. Style first and foremost!

V: Yasss! This season the girls are wearing Miu Miu, Marc Jacobs, and vintage Gaultier to school, I love it. Who do you think has the best style?

EA: Jules. Absolutely, Jules. Avantgarde, fun, and cool.

V: Do you think Rue and Jules belong together?

EA: I do. But the drugs are gonna ruin it.

V: Do you think Maddy and Nate belong together?

EA: No, I think that no one should be with Nate. He should go straight to therapy.

V: What do you think will happen with Cassie?

EA: I hope she pulls her stuff together. But unfortunately I can’t see how Maddy is gonna forgive her. This storyline is gonna be so interesting to watch.

V: Yeah, I feel like it’s all going to end in tears for Cassie.

Check out more of @euphoriaddicted‘s work on Instagram. The artist recreates new scenes every week. Euphoria airs every Sunday on HBO.


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