Gucci Marches On and Into Day 2 Of GucciFest

Continuing to investigate, innovate and inspire with the fashion-forward film festival.

Amongst the uncertain and loom-laden spirit that this year has brought to many of us, Gucci’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele found himself pondering a few questions: Which new horizons do arise when fashion leaves its comfort zone? What life do clothes get when they stop walking down the catwalk? What kind of stories can they draw in the space of existence? What happens to them when the runway spotlights fade out?

Guided by the urge to reframe the creative horizons of his work, experiment, and reconfigure the meaning of his doing, Michele created OUVERTURE — a seven-part film collaboration between award-winning director Gus Van Sant and the creative director himself. A life that reveals unexpected epiphanies while flowing in a trivial way. A stream of tiny accidental events and delicate relations that challenge the sense-making and give shape to our being. A constellation of details where the shy eyes, the unsaid word, and the swish of a dress dance together to be saved. “An Ouverture of Something That Never Ended.”

Elaborating on the idea of blend together what’s considered the ordinary and common to awaken a world of interpretative possibilities for those who observe, Michele looked to Gus, his travel and creative accomplice in creative inclusive narratives. “What I love about Gus is his rebel and brazen attitude, his ability to portray the road and the side, his transversal visionariness and his delicacy,” Michele said. “Together we tried to write an ode to that mysterious organism that life is: a sacred enigma that connects the impalpable with the visible, a trembling becoming made of a little nothing that rages.”

Now out is the first episode of the series — “At Home” — that follows main character Silvia Calderoni through her eccentric morning routine at home in Rome before the arrival of an unexpected visitor. Whilst stretching, Silvia’s attention is caught by the television where Paul B. Preciado — writer, philosopher, curator, and one of the leading thinkers in the study of gender, sexual and body politics—is speaking about societal classifications of sex, gender and sexuality. The episode features Billie Eilish’s newly released single Therefore I Am, as well as music by Kim Gordon, a close friend of Gus Van Sant, in the closing credits of each episode. Everyone in this short film is flaunting the looks from Gucci’s new Ouverture of Something That Never Ended range — a wool-mohair suit with a black neck bow, a transparent tulle jumpsuit with GG mesh underwear, a 70s-inspired crystal-embellished dress in pastel tones with matching bonnet.

Honoring Day 2 of GucciFest, also premiering today is Joy by Ahluwalia, a kaleidoscopic love story celebrating the ‘everyday beauty and strength of Black existence’ that features community leaders, Steelband players, matriarchs, poets and political activists. Another project currently on view is Collina Land by Collina Strada — a motion picture that employs 3D-scanning techniques and sees 12 models take on the roles of video-game avatars in a virtual world created in collaboration with designer Hillary Taymour. As the game players explore their environment and plant virtual trees, the viewers are encouraged to contemplate notions of change, growth and community.

Partake in the ongoing GucciFest by watching the newly released projects below:

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