Michael Kors Impresses with Elegant Neutral Business-Inspired Pieces and Formalwear at NYFW

Michael Kors Impresses with Elegant Neutral Business-Inspired Pieces and Formalwear at NYFW

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Michael Kors Impresses with Elegant Neutral Business-Inspired Pieces and Formalwear at NYFW

If you didn’t know before, Kors never misses.

If you didn’t know before, Kors never misses.

Photography: Filippo Fior

Text: Addison Aloian

Michael Kors debuted his Spring 2022 collection of business-inspired and formal womenswear and a few men’s pieces, featuring models Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, on Sept. 10.

The collection evoked modern styles that fit our present day perfectly, with outfits you would see at the office, perhaps at the beach, and on fancier nights out. His elegant pieces are timeless, but still keep up with the trends of today, seen in many women’s suits, paired with a bra underneath the blazer. His Spring 2022 collection is bold, but stays within a neutral color palette, slightly dipping into patterns with a few plaid and animal print pieces, and delving into a variety of fabrics, like leather patent dresses. Targeting the person who can do it all, this collection is for those in touch with their feminine side who enjoy wearing a simple white dress for brunch and a black sequined two-piece ballgown set at night.

The show began with the business-inspired pieces, including a black bra and belted knee-length skirt combination, a bra-blazer suit look, a few different overcoats paired with shorts and pants, and some leather pieces, including a modest cutout dress and a bra and a belted calf-length skirt set. In exploring patterns, Kors included two different black and white animal print-inspired blazer suits, and a black and white plaid blazer over a two-piece set with a bra and bottom that looks reminiscent of a bathing suit. He also added a few men’s looks: a long cream overcoat layered over a blazer and pants of the same color, a light blue fuzzy sweater over trousers, and a black blazer vest over black pants.

Getting into lighter colors, Kors kept it business casual with a pastel pink overcoat layered over a blazer and shorts, a sheer patterned white collared top over shorts, a light pink fluffy sweater with shorts, and a couple of two-piece crop top or bra sets with a lengthier skirt reaching over the knees.

Towards the end of the show, Kors revealed more patterned pieces, including more crop top-skirt sets, one with a black halter top and one with a black long-sleeve blouse, both with long black and white skirts. Diving into a sensual style, he included a knee-length black and nude patterned dress with a slight cutting up the thigh, as well as a nude off-the-shoulder sweater with a thin belt and tiny nude shorts.

To finish the presentation, Kors’ last pieces consisted of glittery show-stopping formalwear. Staying within the neutral hues, he included a silver sparkly form-fitting dress covering the knees, nude and brown sparkly dresses that accentuated the waist, and a few different black sparkly dresses with cutouts, spaghetti straps, and long sleeves that really said “fin.”

Kors kept his Spring 2022 collection elegant and classy, with contemporary styles for days. Watch his entire NYFW presentation below.


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